Luxury Fish Cakes, Goujons & Portions

Our range of Luxury Pan Ready Fish Cakes have been created to offer wide market appeal, whilst at the same time offer an interesting and attractive alternative to traditional fish menu choices. With a combination of flavours such as Salmon & Dill and Smoked Haddock, to recipes for the more adventurous diner, from Thai inspired Cod & Prawn, to something to stir the taste buds like Cod and Chorizo, or Smoked Haddock and Black Pudding Fish Cakes...there is something here for every occasion.

Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes Fillet Weight Pack Size
Breaded Whitefish Fish Cakes 50g 60
Breaded Whitefish Fish Cakes 85g 30
Breaded Whitefish Fish Cakes 113g 24
Luxury Fish Cakes Fillet Weight Pack Size
Luxury Salmon & Dill Fish Cake 114g 24
Luxury Thai Cod & Prawn Fish Cake 114g 24
Luxury Cod & Parsley Fish Cake 114g 24
Luxury Smoked Haddock Fish Cake 114g 24

Goujons Fillet Weight Pack Size
Breaded Plaice Goujons 1kg 5
Breaded Cod Goujons 1kg 5
Battered Cod Goujons 1kg 5
Fish Fingers, Shapes & Bites Fillet Weight Pack Size
Minced Cod Fillet Fingers 25g 150
Breaded Five Stars 50g 60
Breaded Cod Bites ‘Coddies’ 20g 3kg
Breaded Salmon Bites 20g 2kg

Goujons and Portions

Portions/Take Away/Fast Food Fillet Weight Pack Size
Breaded Whitefish Portions 100g 30
Battered Cod Portions 145g 24
Battered Cod Portions 175g 24
Breaded Cod Portions 100g 30
Fisherman’s Medley 260-320g 6

Our Commitment ToNew Product Development

Five Star Fish continue to launch innovative products as part of ourcommitment to new product development.

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